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Simple to use software that boosts revenue and halves enquiry handling costs

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Individual and Small Hotel Groups

Meetings Maker Lite versions are designed to meet the needs of busy hotel owners and managers for whom time is often the scarcest resource. Meetings Maker can reduce by half the number of meeting inquiries that have to be handled by staff. Customers can get all the answers they need about meeting room availability, catering, equipment and pricing from the hotel website. They can then book and pay without having to talk with or email hotel staff. The result is more bookings, less work and happier customers.

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Meetings Maker delivers a powerful combination of cost reduction, increased revenue and enhanced customer experience. When combined with the long term strategic advantages the system represents one of the most compelling investments available to the sector.

Strategic Advantage

Hotels can gain a significant strategic advantage by allowing their customers to book meetings directly online. By implementing Meetings Maker early they have the opportunity to not only attract new customers but also to retain existing customers. Real time, online meeting booking is now available through OTAs and it will become the preferred booking method for a large proportion of meeting bookers. Hotels now have the opportunity to deliver an industry leading direct booking system to their customers before online, third party introducers take the lead.

Lower Introducer Fees

The industry leading user interface of Meetings Maker leads to a smooth customer journey. The relatively complex meeting booking process is distilled to an intuitive and fluid journey that takes on average less than four minutes. By providing customers with an excellent real time booking system, hotels can secure their direct booking revenue and in some cases remove the need for customers to use third party, online booking sites.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Meetings Maker not only gives customers the ability to search, book and pay for meetings online it also allows them to make changes to their bookings; and all of this is possible 24 hours a day. There's no need to fill in long forms or wait for someone to call or email with information. Customer' "questions" are answered immediately and accurately. They can easily see the price of every room, all catering choices and equipment options.

Lower Labor Costs

Simple and small meeting enquiries represent up to 70% of all meeting enquiries. With Meetings Maker in place all of these enquiries are handled automatically. This frees up the time of existing labour resources to focus on more valuable opportunities. In addition customers can make amendments to their existing bookings themselves online via the 'My Account' function. This significantly reduces the time spent dealing with customers who frequently make multiple amendments to bookings prior to the day of the meeting.

Increased Revenue

Meetings Maker enables hotels to give their customers all the information they need to make a purchasing decision within a few minutes. It then allows customers to book their meeting and pay for it immediately. The efficiency of the booking process is hugely appealing to customers and provides hospitality groups with a valuable competitive advantage. This advantage serves to not only attract new customers but also drive repeat business from existing customers.

What Others Say

Head of Food & Beverages, Premier Inn Hotels

Keith Hudspith

Head of Food & Beverages, Premier Inn Hotels

" Moving our meeting rooms to direct online bookings has brought us enormous benefits. Our customers are happy because they can book a meeting space in an instant, order catering and even make changes to their bookings quickly and easily at any hour of the day. We are happy because our team members are freed up to focus their time and effort on larger revenue opportunities. "

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