Oracle MICROS Opera Integration

Meetings Maker is the only hotel software to use Opera Web Services for Sales and Catering. This newly commissioned interface from Oracle MICROS, enables instant read-write communication between Meetings Maker and Opera Sales & Catering.

Demo Video of Meetings Maker Integrated with Opera S&C



When a visitor is on a hotel’s website searching for meetings rooms, via Meetings Maker, the system is able to access Opera Sales & Catering in real-time. It pulls through current availability and pricing for rooms, equipment and catering items. Meetings Maker then combines the live S&C data, with additional information held on Meetings Maker, such as room and catering images, to present a detailed, customer-friendly page of information for the customer.

When the customer completes a booking on the website, all the information is instantly written into Sales and Catering. The booking appears in S&C just like it would, if a staff member typed it in directly. All the booking details including customer information, catering, equipment, payment method and special requests are auto populated in Opera.

The Opera customer database remains the only source of customer information. Meetings Maker just requests customer data when it is to needed to complete a booking and then wipes it out. For maximum security, Meetings Maker uses a Unique Customer Identifier (UCI) Code to access customer data in Opera. This means that customer information is never held outside of the hotel’s existing Opera customer database.

When a visitor starts to make a booking via Meetings Maker, the system checks with Opera if they have an existing customer account. If they do, then their customer information (including credit status) will be used to complete the booking. If the visitor doesn’t have an existing account, in Opera, then Meetings Maker allows them to create a new customer account, which can then be written back into the Opera customer database. This avoids creating two customer databases and ensures a high level of data integrity.