Secure Payment

During a decade delivering ecommerce solutions to international hotel groups BookingTek discovered there were three major challenges common to all hotel groups that were looking to rollout ecommerce solutions to multiple F&B outlets across wide geographies.

  • Extensive operational, legal and financial work involved in establishing a new e-merchant account for each individual restaurant/outlet in the chain
  • High fees associated with establishing lots of new e-merchant accounts
  • Difficulty introducing and accepting alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, Ali Pay, Google Pay & PayPal.

SinglePay Solution

BookingTek’s new SinglePay solution has solved all three of these challenges for large hotel groups. BookingTekused its wealth of knowledge and strongpartnerships withtier one fintech companiesto design and buildthe unique product. SinglePayis the first simple payment solution enabling e-commerce payments in F&B outlets across multiple hotels within a chain.


Global Payment Solution

For the first time multiple restaurants (and other F&B outlets) within the same chain of hotels can use one e-merchant account, regardless of ownership. This removes the need to set up individual e-merchant accounts for each restaurant, saving hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars in fees.

SinglePay is a truly global payment solution, it is capable of handling over 100 different alternative payment methods (APMs) including Apple Pay, PayPal, Alipay and Google Pay. The restaurant can decide which AMPs are appropriate for its customer base and just use those it needs.